A post-apocalyptic-style Zorro film has been in development for a long time now, but it’s so long since we’ve gotten an update on the project that we sort of assumed it just disappeared into the ether, swallowed up by the dozens of post-apocalyptic films that have been released in recent years. That’s not so, as Gravity screenwriter Jonas Cuaron (son of Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron) has been tapped to helm the futuristic take on the iconic hero, simply titled Z.

THR reports that Cuaron has signed on to direct Z, a post-apocalyptic reimagining of the swashbuckling protagonist that was previously being developed under the title Zorro Reborn. Z is arguably a better title, as Zorro Reborn sounds like a Resident Evil-style take on the character, but with Cuaron’s involvement, it’s safe to assume this film will be a more legitimate outing.

Zorro was first created in 1919, and has been the focus of numerous books, movies and TV shows. The fictional alter ego of Don Diego de la Vega, Zorro is known for his black bandit-like mask, cape, hat and sword, and for acting as a Robin Hood figure for his people, defending them from tyranny and injustice.

Cuaron recently made his directorial debut with Desierto, a border crossing thriller starring Gael Garcia Bernal and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It was his work on that film that landed him the Z gig, and you can see why Desierto impressed executives when it hits theaters on March 4.

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