Today brings good news to all the Dirty Grandpa fans who feel that it’s been too long since the last comedy vehicle making light of old age and the funny little indignities that go with it. From the same denial of time’s passage that brought us the film in which Robert De Niro relentlessly pranked Zac Efron, behold a new feature in which Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones relentlessly prank one another! Getting long in the tooth hasn’t stopped Freeman from robbing a bank (Going In Style) or gambling with his pals (Last Vegas) — indeed, “old guy who doesn’t let his age keep him from living life to the fullest” is pretty much Freeman’s beat these days — and it won’t stop him from engaging in a series of macho one-upmanship challenges.

That’s the broad-strokes plot of Just Getting Started, a featherlight comedy pitting Freeman and Jones against one another in a contest for supremacy over the Villa Capri nursing home. As the manager, Freeman is the top dog, a champion golfer and ping-pong player, and a real hit with the post-menopausal ladies. That all changes when Jones enters the scene, an “ex-military” type who proclaims himself a “citizen of the world.” His rough-edged attitude catches the eye of quite a few potential mates, and suddenly there’s some new food at the buffet. But there are further twists still! As the rivalry between Freeman and Jones looks poised to cool into a friendship of grudging respect, Freeman drops the bombshell that he’s in witness protection. Cue hijinks!

This all seems pretty routine — a few gags, some cracks about the geriatric set, tough-guy rapport between the leads. It’s an agreeable formula to its intended audience, a tidy little payday unlikely to impress many critics. Look no further for a nice afternoon out at the movies with your grandparents, dirty or otherwise.

Just Getting Started hits theaters December 8.

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