'The Book of Mormon' continues to be sold out until the end of time on Broadway and just recently opened in Los Angeles to packed houses, so you know a movie adaptation will happen eventually. But will the 'Book of Mormon' movie star Justin Bieber? It very well may...

If you haven't yet seen 'The Book of Mormon,' we wholeheartedly recommend you go do so now. Go ahead, we'll wait for you.

See, it was awesome, right? Now 'The Book of Mormon' movie will happen someday say creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker (though there aren't any immediate plans) and according to Moviefone, while they were speaking to press in Los Angeles to promote the touring version of the musical, they were asked about their dream cast and Parker immediately said Justin Bieber as lead role Elder Price.

Stone elaborated on the choice saying they would have to go younger (the original actor, Andrew Rannells, was 34), because the camera gets so close. But...Justin Bieber?

Your immediate reaction may be to cringe but then when you think about it and maybe it's not so weird. Bieber's girlfriend, Selena Gomez, just made a movie with Harmony Korine for crying out loud. Bieber can sing and pull of the naive, religious sensibilities of Elder Price (Beebs himself is a devout Christian). Of course, we don't really know if he can act at all (there was that time he got all shot up on 'CSI' but still...).

It's also hard to tell if Parker and Stone were joking but it would be it's an interesting bit of speculation. And if not Bieber, who else would you cast? Zac Efron?