Justin Theroux has been around the block in terms of random TV appearances -- 'Six Feet Under,' 'Alias,' 'The District,' 'Spin City,' 'Ally McBeal' -- his most noteworthy of late being on 'Parks and Rec' as one of Leslie's past boyfriends. But last night, we were watching the Style channel -- naturally -- during which time a 'Sex and the City' marathon was taking place, and all the while we couldn't help but see Jesse Bradford's face instead of a young Theroux.

The two actors have insanely similar features from the shape of their eyes to their bushy eyebrows to their generally same career paths. Both have been featured in sub-par projects ('Charlie's Angels 2,' 'Bring It On') but they've continued on to bigger things (Theroux is married to Jen Aniston and Bradford has a gig on 'Guys With Kids'). Now if only their significant others looked the same, they'd be mirror images of each other.