Do you really need a reason to do anything when you're Kanye West? The rapper, producer, fashion-lover, and baby daddy of Kim Kardashian is trying on a new pair of (presumably excessively expensive) shoes as the "creative director" of a new 'Jetsons' movie. 

Last year, Kanye West went on an amazingly lengthy Twitter rant about a new project called DONDA, named after his late mother, Donda West. Among the plans for this new, and very nebulous, multimedia business was the announcement that Yeezy was in talks to become the "creative director" (whatever that means; he probably demanded they invent the title for him) of a new 'Jetsons' movie. At the time, the film didn't have a script and was merely a concept, a word Kanye likes a whole lot.

Then the producers said Kanye was a big old liar, and everyone forgot about it until a recent interview with W magazine, in which West makes some phone calls with the interviewer present and says that yes, it's official, he's the creative director for the new 'Jetsons' movie, which we assume is live-action because how else is Kanye going to decorate that set with Le Corbusier lamps (one of which was apparently his greatest inspiration for Yeezus because light bulbs are synonymous with ideas, and you know Yeezy isn't tolerating some common man's lighting arrangements).

Besides Kanye's involvement, there has been little-to-no movement on the 'Jetsons' movie at Warner Bros. As for why he's involving himself with a 'Jetsons' movie...your guess is as good as ours.

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