Here's your Weird News of the Day: pop star Katy Perry has seen Ridley Scott's genre-defining science fiction classic 'Blade Runner' and pop star Katy Perry has made it clear that she would very much like to be cast in the upcoming 'Blade Runner 2' as Sean Young's character, Rachael, from the original.

Ms. Perry is currently out and about, promoting her involvement in 'The Smurfs 2' but she's using this as an opportunity to let all of the legendary filmmakers out there know that she's more than pop songs and a voice track in a movie about annoying blue creatures that your kids will drag you to see. Speaking with Metro (via The Playlist), Perry made it clear that this 'Smurfs' gig is all about opening the door to working in real movies and that she'd really appreciate being cast in 'Blade Runner 2':

With films, I hope to win you all over with animation and then do other films...I am really interested in comedy, and I would really love to play Rachael in Blade Runner 2 if Ridley [Scott] would just call!

As you may recall, Rachael was the android portrayed by Sean Young in the original film who served as a love interest for Harrison Ford's futuristic detective. Since the word on the street right now is that 'Blade Runner 2' won't bring back any of the original cast, Perry may have a better shot than you'd think, considering the physical resemblance between the two is rather striking. (Unless, of course, the new film simply has a 100% new cast of characters and then the point is moot.)

To be fair, we have no idea if Perry has any real acting chops (besides her voiceover roles, Perry's on-screen credits include appearances on 'Raising Hope' and 'How I Met Your Mother'). Still, maybe there's a part for an actress that involves standing emotionless against a dystopian backdrop without, you know, saying lines. (That was mean. We're really sorry, Katy Perry.)

'Blade Runner 2' is currently being written by Michael Green.