Fans feeling the need for more Killzone action will be glad to see the newly-released info detailing the multiplayer features in Killzone: Mercenary for the PS Vita.

Six of the game's multiplayer maps are explored in this page on the Killzone official site. We get to see Shoreline, Marketplace, Zenith, Refinery, Skyline, and Inlet. Each zone has different features that help make the location unique, and will hopefully make them fun to traverse. We can just imagine drafting up some cool tactics that take advantage of each zone's features.

Shoreline is a map with a natural cave system, giving players access to multiple routes. Helghast structures are littered around the map, but provide flimsy cover. Be sure to watch out for pitfalls and a large fan blade of doom.

Marketplace is a multi-tiered map with long lines of sight and can be the setting for great, vertical gameplay. Just be sure to note your position on the map, since you'll likely be exposed no matter where you are.

These are just a few examples of the kinds features in the maps you'll see when the game comes out for the Vita on September 10.

Let us know if you'll be jumping into the fray!