It's a situation that virtually every couple with a healthy, long term relationship has faced. You and your loved one go home to visit the family and find yourself forced to sleep in your childhood room, most likely on the tiny twin bed that was barely tolerable when you were half your current size. Since this is a 'SNL' sketch, this predicament takes the form of music video, where the ladies of the show invite their men for some sexy time on a bed that has no business being the location of an, uh, adult encounter.

Aside from an amusing appearance by guest host Jimmy Fallon, this is the rare music video/digital short that puts the comediennes of the show front and center. Usually, these kind of scenes are reserved for the guys, so seeing 'SNL''s frequently underutilized women is just plain wonderful. It helps that their material is solid and the comedic situation very funny (and uncomfortably relatable).

'SNL' has come under fire recently for its lack of black female cast members, but the show has often had a problem giving its ladies enough to do. Hopefully, this is a sign that the writers and producers have realized what a gold mine of talent they've been ignoring and are course correcting. Hey, the next Tina Fey has to come from somewhere.

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