There’s no shortage of kid-friendly movies that promote the importance of following your dreams and achieving your true potential. (I suspect in part because any Hollywood screenwriter who has sold a feature-length script has necessarily realized their dreams — easy for them to say.) Youngsters will get yet another lesson on the absolute vitality of dream-chasing this spring, when the new animated feature Leap! leaps into theaters on March 3. Dreams shall be followed, and what’s more, a little cartoon Dane DeHaan will speak explicitly about following those same dreams, just to be sure that no child leaves the theater unclear. To quote Jon Heder’s answering machine message in the figure-skating comedy vehicle Blades of Glory: if you can dream it, you can do it!

Leap! follows two small-town orphans with ambitions greater than their modest French home. It’s 1884 and the world is calling to them, so they both ship off to Paris with plans to pursue their respective callings: Félicie (voiced by Elle Fanning) was born to be a dancer, and enters a rigorous ballet program under a draconian instructor who might just be softer than he seems. Her best friend — or could they be something more? — Victor (Dane DeHaan) has a knack for inventing, and wants to share his jerry-rigged flying contraption with the world as the way of the future. The plucky pair will overcome various obstacles, achieve their goals, and everyone will most likely go home happy.

It looks like a relatively simple tale, though the most curious thing may be the point of origin; it seems like there are fewer and fewer movies that don’t come from one of the major production houses (Pixar, Disney Animation, Illumination, Laika, Dreamworks, what have you). As an independent effort, it’s already notable.

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