You would think being the third lead in a hit film wouldn't mean all that much, all things. Much of what Liam Hemsworth does in 'The Hunger Games' is stare at Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss Everdeen, but it seems that appearing in a film that's already grossed $300 Million domestic (after three weeks) makes you something of a star. So now Hemsworth is going to be the lead in 'Paranoia.'

The film is to be directed by Robert Luketic, and it appears that Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman are circling the project as well, at least according to Deadline Hollywood. It's a corporate espionage thriller that's based on the book by Joseph Finder. This looks like a go project with or without the high caliber supporting players.

Luketic is troublesome as he's had some hit films where he's the least of the film's equations - you add someone like Liam Hemsworth into that mix and it could be the sort of thing that goes straight to video with or without Oldman and Ford. That's not a knock against Liam - far from it - it's just that he's untested, and though his brother Chris Hemsworth may have held his own in 'Thor' and 'The Avengers,' Liam is not Chris. Though it's possible audiences will be mistaken.

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