The world of Logan’s Run is a paradise — until you turn 30. After that, you die in a process called “Carrousel.” The movie, based on a novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, opened in 1976, and the rights holders have been trying to remake it since at least 2000. Which means the unmade Logan’s Run 2.0 is already halfway to having to go through Carrousel itself! They better hurry up.

About five years ago, I talked to Nicolas Winding Refn about the project; at the time he was supposed to direct a version that would have starred Ryan Gosling in the role originally portrayed by Michael York. That run at the property eventually fell apart, as did a totally different interpretation that was going to be directed by Bryan Singer, while writers like Alex Garland and Christopher McQuarrie have also tried and failed to bring the ’70s classic up to modern time. But now The Hollywood Reporter says Warners is at it again, and this time they’ve recruited writer/producer Simon Kinberg to spearhead their efforts.

THR says Kinberg will “write the story and treatment” for WB’s Logan’s Run. After he finishes his outline, another writer will be hired to finish the script. If you’re wondering why Kinberg isn’t doing it all himself, well, he’s already pretty busy. He’s got his hands in all of Fox’s Marvel movies, from X-Men: Apocalypse to Fantastic Four to Deadpool, and he’s also a major player in one of the upcoming Star Wars Anthology films as well. Unless Warner Bros. wants to wait another 30 years to redo Logan’s Run, they’ll need additional writing help.

Here’s the original trailer for Logan’s Run. The effects look so good, I don’t understand why anyone would think this needs to be remade!