Look I’m just going to say it: Someone in the Secret Service should be fired.

I know the whole point of the Has Fallen series is how Gerard Butler’s Secret Service Agent Mike Banning is a hero who protects Aaron Eckhart’s President from terrorists around the globe. But shouldn’t the Secret Service ensure the President doesn’t get into these kinds of scraps in the first place? Mistakes happen, sure, but c’mon, the worst case scenario happens twice to one Commander in Chief? Someone’s asleep at the wheel here. At a certain point we have to take a long hard look at our security apparatus.

Yes, London Has Fallen continues the exploits of Banning and President Asher across the pond. It’s Die Hard in the White House! Uh, in England! Morgan Freeman, Radha Mitchell, and Melissa Leo are back as well for this sequel to the 2013 hit (which wasn’t as good as White House Down, but whatever), and they’re joined by Jackie Earle Haley, Angela Bassett, and Robert Forster. The sequel is directed by Babak Najafi, who made the Swedish thriller Easy Money II: Hard to Kill with nu-RoboCop Joel Kinnaman. Here’s the plot synopsis:

After the British Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious circumstances, all leaders of the Western world must attend his funeral. But what starts out as the most protected event on earth, turns into a deadly plot to kill the world's most powerful leaders and unleash a terrifying vision of the future. The President of the United States, his formidable secret service head and an English MI-6 agent who trusts no one are the only people that have any hope of stopping it.

“Mysterious circumstances”? Again, there’s red flags all over this thing. C’mon, Banning! Do your job, man! How many times can this President get shot at? This is ridiculous. But I guess that’s why we dig it. London Has Fallen opens on January 22, 2016.

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