And now, we present to you Sherlock Holmes' greatest mystery to date: how he ended up in modern-day New York City, with his long-time partner suddenly swapping genders!

News already broke that CBS would develop modern adaptation of the classic Sherlock Holmes character 'Elementary,' starring British actor Jonny Lee Miller, yet set in New York City rather than London.  Now, new details have emerged from TVLine that former 'Ally McBeal' star, Charlie's Angel and current 'Southland' babe Lucy Liu has nabbed the role of Holmes' most trusted companion, Watson!  Huh?

According to a clarified post from Deadline, Liu will play "Joan Watson," a "sober companion" to Holmes and "former surgeon who lost her license after a patient died, while consulting for the NYPD."  Miller's Sherlock remains a British character, but one whose time in Scotland Yard and addictions lead him to a rehab program in New York City, from which he's been released to Brooklyn.

The series (which you'll remember has nothing to do with the BBC's own modern adaptation 'Sherlock,' featuring 'Star Trek 2' baddie Benedict Cumberbatch), comes from 'Medium' scribe Rob Doherty, with its pilot directed by 'Homeland' vet Michael Cuesta.  Both will serve as Executive Producer to 'Elementary' should CBS pick it up to series, alongside Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly.

No word on what, if anything Liu's casting as Watson means for her character's current arc on TNT's gritty police drama 'Southland.'

Well, what say you?  Would you be willing to check out yet another modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes with a few cosmetic changes to the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle characters, or are you on team Benedict Cumberbatch for life?

Go ahead, just say his name again.  Benedict Cumberbatch.  Classic.