You'd have better luck getting nuclear missile launch codes than 'Mad Men' spoilers but that doesn't mean the "Maddest" of the "Men," showrunner Matthew Weiner doesn't have it all laid out in his head. So what did Mr. Weiner have to say about the show's end?

"I know everything, exactly how it's going to end," the generally tight-lipped Weiner told the press at Tuesday's Paley Fest 'Mad Men' panel.  Seeing as it's been a year and a half since season four ended, Weiner's certainly had plenty of time to think about it.

Of course, some of that time was spent hammering out a deal for the showrunner with his overlords at AMC.  An agreement was reached in March of last year to keep Weiner at the helm for two more seasons with an option with Lionsgate to extend the deal into a seventh season.

And seven seasons is what the showrunner has in mind for AMC's critical darling. 'The plan is for seven seasons. I don't want to overstay our welcome. But this is the first season we went into knowing there would be more seasons. Trying to think about plotting out three seasons at once makes me sick." Weiner said at Tuesday's panel.

While Weiner was forthcoming about the show's future, no new footage was shown at the panel.  Though the wait might be frustrating, it's comforting to know 'Mad Men's' mastermind knows where his story is going and when to end it.

Having an executable end in sight for the show with the network on board will ultimately reward all involved, most importantly the fans who saw it through.