Viewers of the 1960s-era 'Mad Men' were seemingly jolted back into modern-day reality when one of the show's characters referred to "Romney" and called him a "clown." But all was not as it seemed.

The scene, set in 1966, involved Henry Francis, a 'Mad Men' character who works in politics, taking a phone call in which he says:

“Well, tell Jim [that] His Honor’s not going to Michigan ... Because Romney’s a clown and I don’t want him standing next to him!"

Of course, Henry wasn't referring to current GOP candidate Mitt Romney -- he was talking about Mitt's father, George, who was the governor of Michigan at the time. So historically, it was an accurate reference.

This got him several mocking replies from other Twitter users, including comments like, " 'Mad Men' part of the lib media cartel? You do know it's an hour long TV drama, right?" and "This is an asinine response to [a] fictional television show."

Looks like the long primary season has put Tagg's nerves on edge -- but at least no one will ever be able to question his family devotion.

Take a look at the 'Mad Men' scene below.