Maggie Gyllenhaal, despite all of the successful movies she's been in and the long career she's had, always seems to be a surprise announcement when she's cast in movies. Not because she shouldn't be in them, but because she doesn't seem to be in enough of them. Now her fans have one more reason to go to the theater with this recent casting announcement.

She's joining 'White House Down' from Roland Emmerich. Yeah, the one Hollywood director who likes to destroy the planet Earth as many times as he can in his career is now involved in another kind of disaster film, one on a much smaller scale - but could cause so much political damage that he may as well land another UFO on Washington.

'White House Down' was penned by James Vanderbilt and Sony Pictures is putting this one on the fast track. According to Deadline, 'White House Down' is the story of a "Secret Service agent who tries to thwart a White House takeover."

Channing Tatum is attached to play the Secret Service agent while Jamie Foxx is going to play the President. Maggie Gyllenhaal will be playing the female lead, though we don't know if she'll be the First Lady, lover to Tatum (that should be a slogan), go full Clinton as Secretary of State, or some other role.

Shooting for 'White House Down' starts in August. We'll keep you updated on the film's extended story details and characters as they become available.