With all eyes turned towards Comic-Con and Suicide Squad this week, even the most die-hard Margot Robbie fans would be forgiven for missing out on another bit of casting news with the popular actress. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robbie has signed on to both produce and star in the science-fiction thriller Bad Monkeys for Universal Pictures. The movie is an adaptation of the 2007 novel of the same name by author Matt Ruff.

In what Ruff has described as his “Philip K. Dick novel,” Bad Monkeys tells the story of Jane Charlotte, a woman arrested for murder who claims to be an operative from The Department for the Final Disposition of Irredeemable Persons. As part of the shadowy organization Bad Monkeys, Charlotte protests her arrest by saying that it is her job to remove bad people from society, using advanced gadgetry like the NC (Natural Causes) gun or more conventional weapons when the situations warrants it. As Charlotte undergoes a psychological evaluation after her arrest, people begin to question her sanity. Is she crazy? Or might she be telling the truth?

In their 2007 review of the novel, the New York Times called Jane Charlotte a “female Holden Caulfield” and described the novel as the science-fiction answer to Catcher in the Rye. The author also highlighted the book’s “exciting and hallucinatory action sequences,” hinting that the book would translate very well to the silver screen. It also sounds like it would translate very well to Margot Robbie. The actress has spent the past year expressing her undying love for her Suicide Squad character Harley Quinn, another sorta-crazy misanthrope who will be getting her own spin-off adventure in the near future.

Of course, you could also argue that the similarities between Jane Charlotte and Harley Quinn don’t give Robbie a chance to stretch herself as an actress, but that opinion presupposed that you know better than Robbie what roles she should be taking. Actors and actors should always be encouraged to take on projects they are passionate about. Besides, the world is full of movie performances with quiet and reserved intensity; if Robbie has decided to go the Eva Green route and risk losing her Serious Actress status to get a little crazy, more power to her. The world can use all the Eva Green and Margot Robbie-types it can get.