You can say one thing for sure about director Jon Turteltaub: the man sure knows how to build a cast. Just look at the list of names headlining the 'National Treasure' director's upcoming comedy 'Last Vegas': Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline. That's four Oscar winners. Actually, make it five: Mary Steenburgen has joined them.

Although Steenburgen won her Academy Award for 'Melvin and Howard' in 1980, audiences will probably know her best from her many other high profile gigs, where she has frequently and effortlessly proven herself to be one of the funniest woman in all of film. Many grew up knowing her as Clara Clayton from 'Back to the Future Part III,' but her more recent work includes 'The Help,' 'Step Brothers,' 'The Proposal,' '30 Rock,' 'Bored to Death' and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm.' In short, she's more than a match for that quartet of leading men.

The film will follow those four guys on a bachelor party visit to Las Vegas, where shenanigans will undoubtedly ensue. As for Steenburgen's role:

"[She] is set to play Diana, a lounge singer who gets close with Michael Douglas' soon-to-be-married character while also getting attention from De Niro, creating a love triangle between the long-time friends."

Hmm...this sounds a lot like 'The Hangover: Older Gentlemen Edition.' What do you think? Are you prepared to watch this group of actors drunkenly stumble through Las Vegas?

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