Double Fine's latest project, Massive Chalice, has just closed out its Kickstarter campaign successfully after thirty days of funding.

The final amount raised totaled $1,229,015, which is about $500,000 above its original $725,000 goal. It seems like a lot of gamers were interested in playing a strategy role-playing game spanning generations, and featuring the kind of backstabbing and political intrigue you see in shows such as 'Game of Thrones.'

The project is being spearheaded by Brad Muir, creator of Iron Brigade, programmer on Psychonauts and designer on Brutal Legend. You can see all of the project's updates on this page and find out what the game's all about.

Let us know if you helped fund this behemoth undertaking by commenting down below! And it's not too late to get in on the action, so go to the game's official page and become a slacker backer in order to get your hands on Massive Chalice, which should be released on Steam later this year.