Are you a fan of turn-based strategy games and feudal fantasies? Then you'll probably want to check out Double Fine's new Kickstarter project, Massive Chalice.

The game is set to be an epic fantasy that spans a whole century and was inspired by games like XCOM, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Fire Emblem, as well as the many characters and families in the 'Game of Thrones' series.

It will be a single-player turn-based role-playing game in which you control an immortal king or queen whose goals are to unite the kingdom, destroy encroaching demons, and reforge the Massive Chalice.

In the strategy layer of the game, you can manage the affairs of the kingdom, arrange marriages, conduct research, and choose the fate of your people. In the tactics layer, you can fight using your own squad of customizable champions.

Each game will feature random bloodlines, ensuring that you have a unique experience every time you start up a campaign.

The Kickstarter's funding goal is $725,000. As of this writing, there is $159,670 pledged. With another 28 days to go, this is looking like another Kickstarter success in the making.

Watch the introductory video above and let us know what you think of this ambitious tactical title.

Check out its Kickstarter page here if you'd like to pledge your funds.