Fear not, loyal viewers of 'Today,' all 37 of you I assume are actually awake at that time!  In spite of swirling rumors, competition from 'Good Morning America,' and his contract expiring at the end of the year, your very favorite host will remain right in the chair in which you're accustomed to finding him.

Deadline TV announces that long-running host and media personality Matt Lauer has officially renewed his contract for a "long-term" agreement to keep on as host of NBC's morning staple 'Today.'  Ever since Meredith Viera's exit the past year speculation has run abound that Lauer would follow, possibly even to be replaced by media darling Ryan Seacrest, though Seacrest himself appeared on 'Today' Wednesday to dispel the rumors.

'Today' has faced stiff competition from ABC's 'Good Morning America' which itself has gained a notable boost in ratings this past week from Katie Couric's week-long guest hosting of the episode.  Culminating with Lauer's announcement, NBC fought back this week by returning Meredith Viera, including political sensation Sarah Palin as a guest-host, as well as the publicized interview with Seacrest over Olympics coverage.

Still uncertain however, is Lauer's 'Today' co-star Ann Curry, around whom rumors also swirl that she will exit the show in the near future.

What say you, 'Today' viewers?  Were you looking forward to a bit of new blood in your mornings, or are you happy to see Lauer keep in the seat for the foreseeable future?  Maybe you'd just like to see Matt Lauer tackle Ryan Seacrest!  Comments and the answer to your prayers await below!

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