'New Girl' star Max Greenfield is the latest to join the cast of David Wain's rom-com satire 'They Came Together.'

If you didn't watch the first season of 'New Girl,' you kind of missed out big time. The show progressed from cutesy sitcom to hilarious -- but still cutesy -- sitcom, and one of the break-out stars of the show is Max Greenfield, who plays roommate Schmidt.

According to Deadline, Greenfield is joining stars Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd for writer/director David Wain's latest comedy, 'They Came Together,' a romantic comedy satire produced by Lionsgate.

Wain wrote the script with longtime collaborator and fellow 'The State' alum Michael Showalter several years ago, just after the pair completed 'Wet Hot American Summer,' which also starred Poehler and Rudd.

The film is a part of Lionsgate's new micro-budget project and tells the story of a  wealthy tycoon (Rudd) out to close down a store run by Poehler. Greenfield will play the ne'er-do-well younger brother of Rudd's character.

While Wain's last film, 'Wanderlust,' didn't fare well at the box office, a new comedy from Wain and Showalter is still something to get excited about. The pair have a distinct brand of wacky humor, and we're looking forward to more news as 'They Came Together' continues to pick up steam.