As we get older, the pressure to maintain our youth through plastic surgery becomes much more of a factor. Then there are those that become so obsessed with surgical beauty enhancements that they end up looking like... well, just look at Angela Raiola from 'Mob Wives.' If you're thinking of getting some lip injections or two (or eight), just remember how "Big Ang" now looks exactly like '40s-era comedian and 'Texaco Star Theater' host Milton Berle... in drag.

"I had a tummy tuck, liposuction, my lips injected and my breasts done three times," she told "The first time I had my breasts done was 27 years ago, and they put sponges in them. That was in 1985." We can only think of how much money she probably spent on these alterations, and all we have to say is, You could have saved bundles by putting on Berle's Cleopatra wig and his drag makeup.