Sometime about halfway or three-quarters through 'The Lion King,' Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are hanging out on a cliff when Simba walks to the edge and flops down, kicking up a cloud of dust into the sky. The dust particles swirl and you can see the formation of the letters "S-E-X." A four year old boy saw this, alerted his mom, and she told the American Life League, who lashed out at Disney for one of what they said were several unsavory, hidden images in their films.

True or False? False. It's been speculated that perhaps the letters were meant to spell out "SFX" and were slipped in by the Special FX department (makes sense), but the trail of dust at the bottom of the "F" made it look like an "E." Or maybe this is just one of those things where the human eye sees what it wants. Either way, it's difficult to tell from the video above.