MoviePass, the failed business venture that offered members the opportunity to view one movie per day for $9.99/month, could potentially be rising from the ashes. On Tuesday, a new MoviePass website launched with a countdown clock set to end on Monday, March 22nd. The site’s tagline: “The movie is about to start.” What does all this mean?

In 2017, MoviePass launched under the ownership of Helios and Matherson Analytics. The service quickly gained traction, with a growing member base of movie lovers. In most cities, the price of a single movie ticket has risen above $10. So the chance to go to the movie theater multiple times a month for a flat rate of $9.99 was unheard of. It was also too good to be true. In early 2020, Helios and Matherson Analytics filed for bankruptcy due to lack of cashflow.

It should be noted that MoviePass’ new webpage isn't connected to its old domain. The new venture also has nothing to do with former CEO Mitch Lowe. According to Variety, Lowe wrote in an email, “I have no idea. It has nothing to do with me.” As of now, it's not clear who’s behind the recent MoviePass website or what it means for the original company.

The alleged return of MoviePass coincides with the reopening of movie theaters in major cities including Los Angeles and New York City. Until the mysterious force behind the new MoviePass reveals itself, we can only speculate what it means for the future of the moviegoing experience. With so many high-profile movies being released directly to streaming, will enough people be interested in a MoviePass should it come back? Only time will tell.

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