Fans of the original 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman' shorts from 'Rocky and His Friends' probably won't find much to like in this new trailer for the DreamWorks animated film. But, then again, they're probably a good 50 years older than the target audience for the new 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman' movie.

Starring Ty Burrell ('Modern Family') as Mr. Peabody and Stephen Colbert as his nemesis (oddly missing from this trailer entirely), the trailer spends the majority of its time focusing on the cutesy relationship between Sherman and his next door neighbor (much in the way that 'The Lorax' was suddenly about a kid trying to impress Taylor Swift).

From the official plot synopsis:

Mr. Peabody, the most accomplished dog in the world, and his mischievous boy Sherman, use their time machine - The Wabac - to go on the most outrageous adventures known to man or dog. But when Sherman takes The Wabac out for a joyride to impress his friend Penny, they accidently rip a hole in the universe, wreaking havoc on the most important events in world history. Before they forever alter the past, present and future, Mr. Peabody must come to their rescue, ultimately facing the most daunting challenge of any era: figuring out how to be a parent. Together, the time traveling trio will make their mark on history.

We'll admit to not being very impressed with this 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman' trailer and, for as much as we love Burrell on 'Modern Family,' his voice does not seem to fit well with Mr. Peabody's distinct style. And, geez, does even this movie have to have the "giant portal in the sky over a major city" trend we've seen in just about every major movie lately?

It looks like a by-the-numbers style DreamWorks film (yes, there's a joke involving something shooting out of a major historical landmark's butt), but considering how much money those movies tend to make, it's hard to blame them for trying another.

'Mr. Peabody and Sherman' opens in theaters on March 7, 2014.

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