After making a striking impression with Naomi Watts's first appearance as Princess Diana, it seems the makers of 'Caught in Flight' realized that their title was horrible. As such they have changed the name of their film to simply 'Diana.'

We wrote about the film when the first pictures came on-line of Watts, and perhaps because of the leaked photos the studio behind it - Ecosse Films - has put out the first official still. The picture doesn't tell us much about the film, though it does suggests that Naomi Watts looks right for the part.

The film is directed by Oliver Hirschbieger ('Downfall,' 'The Invasion') and co-stars Naveen Andrews, Douglas Hodge and Juliet Stevenson. It's a portrait -for the most part - about the last two years of her life, though likely there will be some flashbacks.

But playing Princess Diana means, if nothing else, that Naomi Watts wants an Oscar. She was nominated in 2003 for '21 Grams,' and delivered a star-making turn in David Lynch's 'Mulholland Dr.,' but the majority of art-house films she's done haven't garnered as much attention - like last year's Clint Eastwood film 'J. Edgar.' Playing royalty has always been a good way to get the academy's attention. And now with this title change, at least people won't have to explain what the film is about.