As pilot season rages on and more and more celebrities sign on to high profile projects for the major networks, one of the more promising pilots to add to its cast has been that of 'Friday Night Lights' creator Jason Katims' 'About A Boy' adaptation for NBC. Previously casting 'Bent' and 'New Girl' star David Walton in the male lead of Will (or Hugh Grant's role, for movie-lovers), NBC's 'About A Boy' has recruited Hollywood star Minnie Driver for the female lead. Who will they call for the title role of 'About A Boy?' Find out the latest on the new series inside!

After previously recruiting ‘Iron Man‘ franchise and ‘Revolution‘ pilot helmer Jon Favreau to direct, and 'New Girl' guest actor David Walton as male lead Will, ‘About a Boy’ has finally found its mother. Breakout 'Good Will Hunting' and FX's 'The Riches' star Minnie Driver has landed the leading female role of Fiona, once played by Toni Collette in the 2002 film.

The subject of the Hugh Grant film and original Nicholas Hornsby novel of the same name, ‘About A Boy’ will follow the relationship between “bachelor man-child” Will (Walton) and the young boy Marcus who moves in next door with his quirky single mother Fiona (Driver).  NBC’s effort is actually the second attempt to adapt the film for a TV series, as in 2003 FOX ordered a presentation written by Matthew Carlson and starring ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘s Patrick Dempsey.

Driver's role as Fiona is said to be eccentric and quirky, moving to San Francisco after a recent divorce. Embracing her "vegan throwback hippie-ness," she and her son move to the bay city in the hopes of improving their lives after the difficult split.

What say you? Will Jason Katims bring the same ‘Friday Night Lights’ magic to ‘About a Boy’ now that Minnie Driver has been cast? Tell us in the comments if you’ll tune in for the new series!