With 'Lincoln' set to sweep the awards, and every historical figure this side of Thomas Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci being reimagined as crime-fighting sexy action heroes, sooner or later these things were bound to meet in the middle.  Next up for the untold story angle, courtesy of NBC and director Barry Levinson is...is America's first president himself, George Washington!  But will 'George Washington' re-imagine the man for modern audiences, or stick to the real story?

Clean your teeth, and prep your cherry trees: George Washington is coming to TV.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC is working with Oscar and Emmy winners Barry Levinson ('Rain Man'), David Seidler ('The King's Speech'), Gareth Neame ('Downton Abbey'), Jason Sosnoff and Tom Fontana ('Oz') for a dramatic historical series telling the tale of America's first leader.

Taking its approach mostly from Ron Cherno's Pulitzer Prize-winning biography 'Washington: A Life,'the tentatively-titled 'George Washington' would take an "intimate look at the leader who became the father of a nation on one side of the Atlantic and a terrorist on the other. "  The series would reportedly back and forth through the war hero and president's life, attempting to dissect the man behind the many myths.

"There's George Washington the national icon, gazing out from the dollar bill with his mouthful of supposedly wooden teeth, and then there's the George Washington who had an adulterous affair with his best friend's wife," says writer Seidler of the project. "The George Washington obsessed with social status, finely tailored clothes, his image. Not an icon, a very human human being, who learned how to lead. That’s the man I want to understand.”

What say you?  Would you watch 'George Washington' as a historical drama series?'  Personally, this NSFW video is how we prefer to remember him: