For a show that hasn't mattered in the cultural landscape for about five years now, there sure has been a lot of a back-and-forth and debate about who is going to take the empty judge's seats on 'American Idol.'  Many names were bandied about, but it looks like those two seats next to Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey will be filled by Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj.

In all fairness, you can't get a more varied group than this. Jackson is the 'Idol' veteran, connecting the newbies to the show's legacy. Carey is a pop veteran, whose years of success actually make her someone worth listening to when she critiques your performance. Urban's success in the country music scene should make him something of wild card, since the show tends to skew toward pop. As for Minaj...well, hopefully she'll be interesting.

Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, Adam Lambert and Kanye West were among the people rumored to be "in discussions" during the past few months (can you imagine Kanye West actually saying yes to this?), but being a judge on 'American Idol' is not necessarily the draw it used to be. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez both jumped ship rather quickly, adding to the job's new lack of allure.

What do you think, 'Idol' fans? Is this a good judge line-up?

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