With the latest New Super Luigi U trailer, Nintendo has decided to focus on the differences between controlling Mario and Luigi. Fans of the original Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 will be pleased to see Luigi's trademark abilities return.

The video comes from Siliconera (by way of Nintendo Japan), and as you can clearly see in the footage above, New Super Luigi U isn't just a re-skin of the original game. Luigi will have better jumping abilities, both in height and distance, but will be stuck with far less time to finish a level (only 100 seconds) and can't stop from a sprint as quickly as Mario.

There are 82 new levels being included geared specifically around Luigi's attributes, and the former bad dude Nabbit will appear as a playable character in co-op this time. Nabbit is invincible, and will make a great secondary player to help get those extra star coins in hard-to-reach places.

New Super Luigi U will be out on June 20 as a digital release, and August 25 as a disc at retail.