In a very subtle, but very useful little firmware update, the Wii U now has the ability to take care of some business while you're busy taking care of some of your own. It now has some added functionality to stand-by mode.

For those of you with a Wii U, you may have noticed a firmware updated entitled 3.1.0 U is out now. With it comes a host of seemingly minor, but very convenient features. According to Nintendo, this new update has a number of new features meant to make your gaming life a bit quicker and help to eliminate pesky update waits from your gaming regime.

In addition to the usual boring features like "Improved System Stability" the new update allows a Wii U in stand-by to automatically connect to the internet and download updates while you're not using it. It now has the ability to download system updates to the hard drive so that they are ready to be installed when the system is turned on. Also, the system will now be able to download updates for its various games and install them, all while hanging around your tv in stand-by mode. As an added bit of icing to the cake, the Wii U can even check for new Spot-Pass data while in stand-by.

What does this mean for you? Well, no more sitting around waiting for a title to update when you want to play a game. It will also mean less time sitting around waiting for your system to update. Is it possible that Nintendo has almost cracked the problem that plagues every gamer? Maybe, but it is definitely a nice time saving feature so you can get to Mario that much faster.