One of the films that you might not be paying enough attention to right now is 'Nightcrawler,' the new movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal as the off-kilter Lou Bloom, a guy who inserts himself into the lurid world of L.A. cable news. In this new clip, Gyllenhaal makes an introduction to Rene Russo, who plays reporter Nina, and although brief, you get a sense of the film's darkly comedic tone.

We had a chance to see 'Nightcrawler' last month at Fantastic Fest, and it's definitely a film you do not want to miss. In it, Gyllenhaal continues to prove he's one of the best and most underrated actors of his generation, delivering an unsettling and very, very darkly hilarious performance that will simultaneously unnerve and delight you.

We don't want to say too much, but the film follows Gyllenhaal's Lou as he becomes a freelancer, offering footage to a local cable news network and roaming the streets of L.A. like a vulture, trying to be first on the scene to capture the fallout from various crimes. And the new clip, while brief, shows how Lou first inserts himself into this new career.

Gyllenhaal and Russo star alongside Bill Paxton and Riz Ahmed in the directorial debut from Dan Gilroy, who previously penned the screenplay for 'The Bourne Legacy.' The film hits theaters on October 31, which is appropriate because Gyllenhaal is seriously going to creep you out.

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