In the latest 'Nightcrawler' trailer, Jake Gyllenhaal is looking for the ultimate crime to film, something that viewers at home will not be able to turn away from. But in truth, he is the one we can't stop watching.

Gyllenhaal has been tackling some interesting projects as of late, including the recent 'Enemy,' in which he portrayed two identical-looking characters, and now he's following that up with a role in 'Nightcrawler,' a darkly twisted new crime-thriller. During production, the actor injured his hand during a dramatic moment punching a mirror, and after seeing the new 'Nightcrawler' trailer, which debuted over at Yahoo Movies, we can see why.

His character, Lou Bloom, seems like your average, overly optimistic Ned Flanders-type who says stuff like, "If you wanna win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket," but that only serves to make his monstrous transformation that much more significant. As an ambitious young man seeking to break into the world of crime journalism, he's willing to do anything, even tamper with actual crime scenes and withhold important information, to give larger weight to his stories and get ahead.

'Nightcrawler' will now hit theaters on October 31.

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