We've all be waiting to see when the Wii U would make its dramatic turnaround at retail, but quarterly sales numbers released by Nintendo on Tuesday reveal the console is still in big trouble.

During the past three months, the Wii U has managed to only sell 160,000 units globally. According to Games Industry, Japan was responsible for 90,000 of those sales, with the U.S. pulling in 60,000, and Europe/Australia combining for just 10,000 sold. In the previous quarter, the Wii U sold more than double that amount, with 390,000 units sold around the world.

Nintendo cites poor software sales, as Wii U games barely surpassed the one-million mark. With just 1.3 million games sold in the last three months, it's no wonder developers are taking a wait-and-see approach, or even turning former exclusives into multi-platform titles. To make things even more embarrassing, the Wii U was outsold by the Wii console (210,000) and software, too (3.67 million).

Fortunately for Nintendo, the 3DS continues to impress. 11 million games were sold for the handheld during the past three months, with another 1.4 million portables moved at retail. The 3DS can't keep the company afloat all by itself however, and the big games Nintendo has planned for the remainder of the year had better perform. Otherwise, things might start getting bleak when the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One arrive.