Logan Lerman SC

Darren Aronofsky is hard at work on his next film after 'Black Swan' and has begun casting more roles for his biblical feature 'Noah.' Two of Hollywood's hottest young talents have now been cast alongside Russell Crowe in the film.

Crowe has been cast to play Noah and Deadline is reporting that Logan Lerman has been cast to play Noah's older son, Ham, and that Douglas Booth has been cast as his other son Shem. Lerman has been in the 'Percy Jackson' movies but Booth isn't as well known to American audiences. He born and raised in England where he enjoys a successful career as a model and stage actor.

So far no one else has been cast in the movie. Jennifer Connelly, who previous worked with Russell Crowe in 'A Beautiful Mind,' is rumored to be up for the part of Noah's wife. Aronofsky is also looking for his antagonist, and Liam Neeson was rumored to be cast in the role, but that's not going to happen. They're also looking for a young actress to play the part of the love interest for Logan Lerman's character.

The film is being co-financed by Paramount and New Regency and is scheduled to begin shooting later this year. We'll keep you updated on further casting announcements.

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