Those of us following director Darren Aronofsky on Twitter – and if you aren’t, do so now – already know that the ‘Black Swan’ helmer has embraced social media and uses it daily to update interested parties on the development of his Biblical epic, ‘Noah.’ For example, he has alerted us that USA Today will have a “First Look” photo up soon. We’ll keep our eyes open for that. In the meantime, we have some fresh casting news for the movie, even though it has been filming for several days now.

Madison Davenport, a young actress who recently had a recurring role on Showtime’s ‘Shameless,’ has been added to Aronofsky’s ensemble, Deadline reports. She’ll play Na’el, wife of Ham (Logan Lerman), one of Noah’s sons. Davenport joins an already stacked cast that currently includes Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly (who starred in Aronofsky’s ‘Requiem for a Dream’), Anthony Hopkins and Emma Watson.

In addition to her ‘Shameless’ part, Davenport has ‘The Possession’ heading to theaters later this month. And she has a part on the new Anne Heche comedy ‘Save Me,’ which will air on NBC in the fall.

But if you want the latest ‘Noah’ news straight from the horse’s mouth – well, probably two horses, since this is the story of the Ark, after all – then subscribe to Aronofsky’s up-to-the-minute Twitter feed. Plus, keep it right here, where we’ll bring you in-depth analysis on movies like ‘Noah,’ which is filming in Iceland and hopes to be in theaters on March 28, 2014.