The newest title in the famed Legacy of Kain franchise has been revealed to be Nosgoth. What will the new game have in store for fans of the vampiric hero?

According to VG247, Square-Enix community manager George Kelion sent them a statement that confirmed they were working on Nosgoth.

He said, "Nosgoth exists and is in active development, but it is not a traditional Legacy of Kain action-adventure game. Nosgoth is set in the same universe as previous LoK games, but on a different branch to the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver series. The community should not be thinking of Nosgoth in terms of a single-player experience."

Kelion also confirms that Crystal Dynamics is not working on the game, or any Legacy of Kain games, and that it will not be announced at E3 2013. So while this game is still shrouded in mystery, we can at least cross some possible details off our list of maybes.

Let us know what you think this game will be all about and whether or not you'd want a new adventure set in the world of Legacy of Kain.