With its release only a few weeks away, you can expect to start seeing a lot from 'Oblivion,' Joseph Kosinski's mysterious Tom Cruise sci-fi movie. Just in case you weren't sold by the past few trailers, a new series of clips have arrived, peeling back a layer or two and exposing some of the film's stranger mysteries. If that's not enough, you can also stream the entirety of M83's original soundtrack.

First up, here are those clips (found via IndieWire), which actually escalate in terms of action if you watch them in order. In the first clip, you get to see a dramatic conversation between Tom Cruise and Andrea Riseborough, as they discuss their mission on a post-apocalyptic Earth (and it's revealed that their memories may have been wiped). The second clip feels like a direct sequel to the first, with a creepy Morgan Freeman interrogating Cruise about that mission and that wiped memory. Clips three and four bring the goods for action fans, showcasing Cruise exploring the wreckage of a crashed ship and battling an alien threat in the ruins of a library.

What those clips don't show off is M83's soundtrack, which you can listen to below through the SoundCloud player. There are slow, eerie tracks that evoke classic science-fiction films like 'Blade Runner' and there are your more traditional exciting tracks, which sound like they're underscoring some (hopefully) pretty exciting action sequences.

Hopefully all that will hold you over until 'Oblivion' arrives in theaters on April 19.

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