Joseph Kosinski's 'Oblivion' is looking to kick off the summer season early with its mid-April launch, as the film is loaded with the sort of sci-fi spectacle that's normally reserved for the hottest and coldest months of the year. Tom Cruise stars in the film, but one of the main attractions is the rugged beauty post-apocalyptic Earth setting. It's something you almost never see in a sci-fi film.

From shooting on a volcano to get the feel of being above the clouds, to the film's extensive location work (a lot was shot in Iceland), the film should be able to distinguish itself from the many other films set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Where many before have used burned out cities (like 'Escape from New York'), or the vastness of the Australian outback (like 'The Road Warrior'), here the world is more barren, nearly wiped clean. As if humanity had been forgotten, or as Kosinski says "a primordial Earth." The one direction he gave to his art team was "beautiful desolation" and that feeling comes across in the film.

On display here is some of the concept art used to make the film, which Kosinski conceived as a "daytime science fiction film," as most other sci-fi film often take place in the dark.

This is contrasted with the new technology, with its sleek designs (Apple has revolutionized how we look at sci-fi tech), and with one base set up thousands of feet off the ground. But strong visual design is something we'd expect from director Joseph Kosinski, who previously directed 'Tron: Legacy,' and whatever else you can say about that film, it was nothing if not beautifully designed. As Cruise says in this clip, Kosinski is "truly a visionary filmmaker...he's a world-creator."

A world-creator indeed. Unlike many other films this year, 'Oblivion' isn't based on a superhero. It's not a sequel or a prequel. And it's not adapted from a series of books. 'Oblivion' is an original sci-fi story the likes of which we - sadly- rarely get these days. Kosinski truly has built his own world for 'Oblivion' and it's part of the reason why we're really excited to see this movie.

This featurette below gives you a glimpse of the 'Oblivion' world which, as Cruise himself puts it, is "just so cool." We think you'll agree.

'Oblivion' hits theaters April 19.

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