If you've seen any of Oliver Stone's films, chances are strong that you've glimpsed his son, Sean. Sometimes, he's a key character (like young Jim Morrison in 'The Doors') and sometimes, he's just a tiny cameo (like "Fraternity Pledge #1" in 'W'). In any case, it looks like he's followed in his father's footsteps and has jumped behind the camera. In fact, his feature debut, a horror movie titled 'Greystone Park,' has a trailer and a release date.

The trailer (which is hosted by Ain't It Cool) sells a concept that will be familiar to any horror fan. It's a found footage movie that follows a group of attractive young people as they explore a creepy asylum and have all kinds of spooky supernatural encounters. It doesn't look particularly unique (and it looks like it was made for pennies), but if Sean has inherited some of his father's directorial chops, it could be a winner. As Nordling points out in the link above, Oliver Stone cut his teeth on horror films like 'Seizure' and 'The Hand,' so it's only natural for his offspring to get his start in the same genre. Here's the trailer:

And here's the official synopsis:

"Based on true events, the film follows three aspiring filmmakers trying to document unexplainable events in an abandoned insane asylum known as Greystone Park. Urban legend has it that anyone who ventures into the forsaken hospital will suffer the consequences and face their own horrors. The trio stumble across a mysterious realm of escaped patients, ghosts and demonic shadows, as they try to uncover the truth behind Greystone Park.

GREYSTONE PARK stars Sean Stone, Oliver Stone, Alexander Wraith, Antonella Lentini, John Schramm, Monique Zordan and Monique Van Vooren and written by Stone and Wraith."

What do you think? Will you seek this out when it hits VOD on September 13 and DVD October 16? Would you be interested at all if the director wasn't the son of such a great filmmaker?

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