Shane Black’s Predator movie has been shuffling its cast around lately. Benicio Del Toro recently stepped out, to be replaced by Narcos star Boyd Holbrook. Now, the movie has gained a cast member, as X-Men: Apocalypse star Olivia Munn has joined to be a part of the alien hunter-hunting team.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Munn is currently in negotiations to play “a scientist” in The Predator, opposite Holbrook as a special forces commando. That’s about all we know of the plot so far, except for the fact that it takes place somewhere in the suburbs, instead of the jungle or the big city. Maybe the best prey for a Predator is friendly neighborhood types with wreaths on their front doors and grills in their backyard. What if the Predator just wants to be left alone with his burgers and his brewskis?

The only other piece of information we have is that Black says he’s keeping with the friendly, bro-ish tone of the first movie, with a group of “buff, tough” dudes working together to survive the Predator’s wrath while also cracking as many jokes with each other as they can.

I think it’ll be interesting to get a group of credible guys—the hallmark of the first one is you have guys together that are kinda funny and self-referential and also very tough. I don’t know that we’re going to deviate over much from that, but there are at least a couple of factors that we’ve deliberately chosen to make it not just that group of buff, tough guys.

Hopefully he includes Munn’s character in this, as there’s still a significant lack of funny, joke-cracking roles for women in action movies. The Predator hasn’t yet started filming, but it’ll hit theaters February 9, 2018.

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