'Olympus Has Fallen' is in the bizarre position of being the first of two "terrorists take over the White House" movies coming out in 2013. We'll have to wait until 'White House Down' arrives in June before we can make any immediate comparisons, but right now, we feel like the one starring Channing Tatum will be better worth our time than the one starring Gerard Butler. Can a new featurette change our minds?


The featurette is essentially the trailer for the film intercut with commentary by Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman. Eckhart and Freeman provide almost hilariously boilerplate soundbites (a visibly annoyed Eckhart is the one who actually says the phrase "full-tilt action"), but we can't help but feel slightly won over by Butler, whose enthusiasm overrides the fact that he's describing a character we've seen in a thousand other movies (a disgraced secret service agent and a former special forces commando?!). Outside of the interview snippets, the rest of the featurette just sells the film's "Die Hard in the White House!" concept, an plot that was already covered by the seventh season of '24' and by 1997's 'Air Force One.'

But see for yourself! Watch the featurette below. What do you think? Is this movie worth your hard earned money?

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