'A Good Day to Die Hard' opens in theaters on February 14th but if that's not enough 'Die Hard' for you, you can also look forward to 'Olympus Has Fallen,' a movie that doesn't technically take place in the John McClane universe, but might as well. Check out the new 'Olympus Has Fallen' trailer below to see for yourself.

Imagine if they remade the original 'Die Hard' and instead of being set inside Nakatomi Plaza it was set inside the White House and instead of being NYPD, John McClane was Secret Service. And played by Gerard Butler. That, in a nutshell, is 'Olympus Has Fallen.'

In the film, Butler plays a Secret Service agent (ex-Secret Service agent) who is the rogue hero in the White House after a bunch of terrorists take the building hostage. Aaron Eckhart is there as the U.S. President and Morgan Freeman plays the kind of government guy who says stuff like, "Abort! Abort!!" (If you're wondering, "Olympus" is apparently the Secret Service code word for the White House, hence the film's title.)

Directed by Antoine Fuqua ('Training Day'), 'Olympus Has Fallen' isn't even the only attack-on-the-White-House film this year. This summer sees the release of 'White House Down' starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. Good ideas come in pairs, we guess.

You can watch 'Olympus Has Fallen' trailer below and get ready for the film's release on March 22.