Red Barrels has announced that their new game, Outlast, is all set to produce an increase in fear-sweat in September.

An announcement on the developer's official site has revealed that Red Barrels will be released Outlast on Steam on Sept. 4, 2013. The game will cost $19.99, which isn't too bad a price for elevated blood pressure and a heightened fear of all noises in the dark.

Outlast features survival horror gameplay that takes place inside Mount Massive Asylum, located in the mountains of Colorado. You'll take on the role of a journalist who is devoid of any weapons or actual fighting ability, meaning that you're just a squishy fleshbag who can die at any moment.

The game's environments are based on real mental asylums, so Red Barrel hopes that the fear and tension will be augmented by your surroundings, as well as the way they've made the AI smart about hunting you down.

Let us know if you'll be grabbing this terrifying game off Steam or if you'd rather wait for the PlayStation 4 version to be released.