Reese Witherspoon and Fox Searchlight scored a big commercial and critical success with Wild, so it makes sense that the two would team up for the actress’ next big drama. Imagine Gravity, but what happens after Sandra Bullock goes home — that’s similar to the plot of Pale Blue Dot, Witherspoon’s next project with the studio.

According to Variety, Witherspoon and Fox Searchlight are reuniting for Pale Blue Dot, based on an original script from Brian C. Brown and Elliott DiGuiseppi, who previously landed on the Black List with their Uncle Shelby screenplay. Pale Blue Dot centers on an astronaut who returns home from a mission to find herself unable to cope with her seemingly ideal life. The film explores the idea that astronauts who spend extended periods of time at space, staring down at the earth (the “pale blue dot”), have a difficult time coping with and readjusting to reality.

In addition to starring in the film, Witherspoon will also produce the project, adding it to her crop of successful features, including Wild, Gone Girl and the recent action comedy Hot Pursuit. She’s also producing the upcoming HBO limited series Big Little Lies, in which she’ll co-star with Nicole Kidman.

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