The 'Paranormal Activity' films have owned October for the last four years running, but it seems that Paramount might be ready to switch things up and relinquish the October box office to someone else this year. Word is, the studio is thinking of pushing 'Paranormal Activity 5' back to 2014. 

The Wrap reports that Paramount is looking to push 'Paranormal Activity 5' back to January, 2014. Another source at the studio says that the move is still being debated and has not yet been confirmed. The film is scheduled for an October 25 release, but the studio thinks it might be time to delay the release. Why?

One source says that the folks at Paramount "really like the director, but they are second guessing themselves." The 'Paranormal Activity' films have been a huge success for the studio, with each film grossing over $140 million at the box office each, while only costing around $5 million to produce. 'Paranormal Activity 4' was the lowest performer of the series, but still managed to gross $140.8 million -- that's still serious bank.

Horror films have been known to perform well in January, though, with 2013 releases 'Mama' and 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' claiming top spots at the box office. Audiences love the 'Paranormal Activity' films, so it's not as if they're going to stop paying to see them just because they get pushed back a month. And hey, it might be nice to let another horror film, like James Wan's 'Insidious Chapter 2,' win big at the box office in October for once.

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