As we prepare for next week’s release of the final film in the Paranormal Activity franchise, the fine folks at Paramount have given us an early treat. A new viral video features the house from the original film, set up as a fake open house to lure in — and terrify — potential buyers. Sure, they could be actors, but if so, it hardly seems like it judging by their behavior.

Paramount revisited the house from the first Paranormal Activity film and rigged it up with all kinds of spooky happenings — a picture falling to the floor, the microwave flickering, the chandelier swinging on its own, all building up to much bigger scares. It’s a fun way to revisit the first film as Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension prepares to bring the franchise full circle next weekend.

As you can see, the original Paranormal Activity house is still standing in San Diego, and while the film was highly memorable, it’s unlikely that many people would immediately recognize it. It’s a cute series of pranks, for sure.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension centers on a new family who discover old videotapes of Kristi and Katie and endure a scary series of their own paranormal events, all leading up to what will hopefully be a satisfying conclusion to the franchise.

The film hits theaters on October 23, though as we reported this past week, some theater chains are boycotting the film due to the shortened window between theatrical and VOD release.

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