This 'Parks and Recreation' Season 4 gag reel can best be described by star/producer Amy Poehler who, in the opening moments of this clip while laughing hysterically, says, "Oh s---, that's funny."

If you're not watching 'Parks and Recreation' we humbly suggest you a) rent Seasons 1-4 on DVD post-haste and, b) make plans to start watching Season 5 (9:30pm on Thursday nights starting September 20th). This gag reel should help convince you.

If you are already watching 'Parks and Recreation,' huzzah! Good for you, you're making excellent life choices so far. We need not sell you on how funny 'Parks and Recreation' is and you're already probably skimming through these words thinking OKenoughIjustwanttoseethisgagreelalready.

And more sympathetic, we could not be. Below please find the 'Parks and Recreation' Season 4 gag reel, which is a very funny thing. It is also slightly raunchy, so turn the volume down or get some headphones or find a job where profanities and sentences like "Is she going to powder her v-----?" are appropriate.