Now that 'Parks and Recreation' season 5 has reached full swing, it's high time for a guest star, don't you think? No, we're not seeing the debut of 'Breaking Bad's' Jonathan Banks just yet, but who better to kick-off a season of surprise appearances than Xena herself, Lucy Lawless! Perhaps the only woman strong enough to truly tame Ron Swanson, Lawless will make her first appearance in Thursday's "How a Bill Becomes A Law," so how would you like a first-look?

'Parks and Recreation' is gearing up to unveil its third episode of the year, "How A Bill Becomes A Law," in which Ron and his fellow staffers take up a 3-1-1 number to address Pawnee's daily problems, only to find themselves quickly overwhelmed. Deciding to address a few of the issues himself, Ron sets out to fix a local pothole, putting him in the path of the stunning Diane (Lucy Lawless) and her two young daughters!

The first clip from Thursday's "How a Bill Becomes A Law" sees the Parks Department (sort of) hard at work answering phones, Jerry typically landing in the hottest water. And what should Ron find when Diane herself confronts the burly man about his ability to fix the pothole in her yard? What could make Andy turn into a princess? Your answers lie below!

Check out the official clips from 'Parks and Recreation's' "How A Bill Becomes A Law" below, and tell us what you think of Lucy Lawless' appearance in the comments!